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This is Alex.

I'm a PhD student researching smart battery management systems for Li-Ion battery applications for electric vehicles in beautiful Singapore.

I'm an electrical and computational engineer by trade, with focus on machine learning, IoT and renewable energy solutions.

After dark I like to immerse myself in the latest design trends.

Sometimes I make websites.


Work Experience

Feb 2017
Research Associate
International PhD Program in collaboration with Technical University of Munich (TUM). Working on distributed Smart Battery Management Systems and active balancing algorithms for application in future public transport solutions. Developing decentralized algorithms to optimally use given hardware resources employing methods such as Machine Learning and Multi Objective Optimization with special focus on data analysis and cyber security
Apr 2015
Sep 2015
Corporate Research Intern
  • Lead-acid battery testing and data processing
  • Tests on commercial Li-Ion battery modules
  • designing a CAN/RS45 communication interface and data logger software to transfer BMS data from battery modules to a PC
  • building a standalone data logger to record BMS measurements
  • Construction and multi-domain validation (electrical, magnetical, thermal) of various high-frequency transformer prototypes
Jun 2012
Sep 2016
Student Research Assistant
RWTH Aachen
Designing, calculating and measuring electrical machines for different projects using both computer based multi-objective optimization techniques and traditional measuring methods on physical existing prototypes. Gaining a broad insight into developing electrical machines. Using CAD tools like ANSYS as well as finite element method based solvers for differential electrical problems. Widening my skills in post-processing and evaluating the acquired data using Matlab and Python.


Engineering Doctorate (PhD)
Conducting research on embedded battery management systems, decentralized control algorithms and IoT devices.
MSc., Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Thesis topic: Modeling and Analysis of a 3-Level NPC Inverter for Electric Vehicles. The thesis was done in cooperation with the Robert Bosch GmbH at the Robert-Bosch-Campus in Renningen
BSc., Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Thesis topic: Development of a Resource Eficient Multi-Phase PMSM for Electric Vehicle Applications




2021 On the Efficacy of SoC-Preconditioning on the Utilization of Battery Packs in Electric Vehicles
Alexander Lamprecht, Ananth Garikapati, Swaminathan Narayanaswamy, Johannes Machleid, Sebastian Steinhorst
In: Microprocessors and Microsystems in print
2020 Random Forest Regression of Charge Balancing Data: A State of Health Estimation Method for Electric Vehicle Batteries
Alexander Lamprecht, Moritz Riesterer, Sebastian Steinhorst
In: 2020 International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent Systems (COINS) Barcelona, Spain.
2019 Enhancing Battery Pack Capacity Utilization in Electric Vehicle Fleets via SoC-Preconditioning
Alexander Lamprecht, Ananth Garikapati, Swaminathan Narayanaswamy, Sebastian Steinhorst
In: 2019 Euromicro DSD Conference Kalithea, Greece.
DOI: 10.1109/DSD.2019.00059
2019 Decentralized Non-Neighbor Active Charge Balancing in Large Battery Packs
Alexander Lamprecht, Martin Baumann, Tobias Massier, Sebastian Steinhorst
In: 2019 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE) Florence, Italy, pp. 432-437.
DOI: 10.23919/DATE.2019.8714894
2018 Improving fast charging efficiency of reconfigurable battery packs
Alexander Lamprecht, Swaminathan Narayanaswamy, Sebastian Steinhorst
In: 2018 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE) Dresden, Germany, pp. 585-588.
DOI: 10.23919/DATE.2018.8342075
2017 Optimized space vector modulation for DC-link balancing in three-level neutral-point-clamped inverters for electric drives
Michael Laumen, Michael Schubert, Andreas Bubert, Alexander Lamprecht, Rik W. De Doncker
In: 2017 IEEE 12th International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems (PEDS) Honolulu, Hawaii, pp. 1135-1140.
DOI: 10.1109/PEDS.2017.8289216

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